Peristaltic and sinusoidal pump manufacturer, Watson-Marlow Pumps Group, has announced its line of MasoSine pumps for biofuels transfer applications such as algae. The MasoSine positive displacement pump is designed to transfer material gently and economically, providing consistent flow rates for a better quality product while minimizing damage via a non-contacting rotor liner.

The MasoSine pumps offer speedy transfer, powerful suction, quick unloading time and ease of maintenance, as well as low shear and low pulsation for pumping algae and enzymes. Consistent flow rates prevent damage to the live product and do not impede them from multiplying during transfer.

The pump has low horsepower requirements and handles flows to 440 gallons per minute. It employs one shaft, one seal, and one rotor for lower maintenance and CIP. The pulse-free flow characteristics benefit flow control and heat transfer as well as filtration.